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I have made clear that I will not allow this blog to become a cesspool of vitriol. I have deleted two comments containing insults directed at me and at an another commenter. I welcome debate and differing points of view, but if you can not be civil, go spew your garbage somewhere else.

Fracking follies

The Joint Landowners’ Coalition of New York (JLCNY) has sunk to a new low.  Not satisfied with slandering anyone who opposes them with the most vile accusations or forcing the state to spend millions of taxpayer dollars defending against frivolous lawsuits bankrolled by out-of-state interests, this organization of  people seeking to have New York State opened to fracking so that they can cash in on the hillbilly lottery, whatever the cost to the environment and local community,  is now planning to infiltrate the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPRIG). NYPIRG’s Ithaca office has put out a call for workers to join their summer campaign against fracking (see their solicitation at: Victor Furman, spokesman for JLCNY posted the following on a local TV station web site ( 

“I already have 2 friends who will get extra spending cash this summer while getting paid to infiltrate and promote drilling by accepting a paycheck from Isaac Goons organization to tell the truth about drilling…Need extra cash this summer… want to get paid by mis informers to tell the truth…The anti drilling camp is able to pay you because they are a very rich {one per center} grass roots organization. Take a page from their book and mislead them on your job application. Go door to door this summer and instead of scarring little old ladies with lies just tell your employer you did while actually telling them the truth. Truth is not bankrolled by the Park Foundation but truth can deceptively cash in on the anti drill camps fears by responding to this add ….isn’t it time those who can afford to pay for a lie to be billed for their deception through deception?”

Ignoring Mr. Furman’s trademark misspellings, bad grammar, and inappropriate usage, it is clear that this is a call for people to engage in unethical and quite possibly illegal behavior. Whatever the arguments for and against fracking, this sort of thing is completely unacceptable. I urge those reading this blog to publicize this as widely as possible. If the pro-fracking forces are willing to engage in activities like this, what does it say about the ethics and integrity of the industry that is bankrolling them? I have contacted NYPRIG alerting them to this infiltration campaign. I urge you, my readers, to do likewise. You can send them a message through their website: