Lone wolf or … ?

What makes last week’s shooting of a member of Congress in Alexandria noteworthy is that it was committed by a self-proclaimed liberal, as does its occurring just as the Trump administration is lawyering up to fight criminal charges from obstruction of justice to financial crimes to treason. As a rule, I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories but in light of the increasingly compelling evidence of Russian covert activities in the United States on behalf of Trump and his cronies one cannot dismiss out of hand the possibility that this was just such an action.

Consider the following:

1)     James Hodgkinson’s Facebook page, which I looked at before it was taken down, was plastered with photos of Bernie Sanders, to be sure, but his timeline contained no posts by anyone but him. That alone is unusual, but so is the fact that he appears to have posted only about a comment per month. Someone as rabidly anti-Trump as he is said to have been, would, it seems to me, have been far more outspoken. Does this suggest that the page is fake?

2)     He claimed to have volunteered with the Sanders campaign in Illinois, but a spokesperson for that campaign said that they had no record of him whatsoever.

3)     Then there is the matter of photos. I have seen no dated photos of him more than a couple of weeks old. How likely is a political activist to avoid any photographs during the entire campaign?

4)     Finally, he made a point of asking whether the team practicing there were Democrats or Republicans, yet he had a list of Republican members of Congress whom he would have been expected to recognize.

Granted, none of these curious circumstances prove anything. He might well have been exactly what the media are reporting him to be. Yet, there are enough questions surrounding Mr. Hodgkinson to give one pause.


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