Trump’s coup d’etat

Much of what the Trump administration has done to date makes very little sense when judged against the normal transition from government by one party to that of the other. Unlike previous newcomers to power, they have run roughshod over outgoing political appointees as well as Civil Service professionals. They have reversed Obama initiatives no matter how insignificant and benign. Their legislative agenda are incoherent except in their zeal to roll back anything enacted under the previous administration. Accompanying this mean-spirited and childish behavior is the vicious outbreak of taunting and hate from Trump’s white, lower-class, poorly educated supporters. It is as if an alien power has taken over our country.

Aside from the reality of Russian interference in our election and apparent leverage over the Trump White House there is a more fundamental character to what is happening. The fact is that Trump and his followers do not see the last election as a peaceful Constitutional transfer of power but as a coup d’etat in which white Christian Americans have retaken their country from the clutches of a black Muslim interloper from Kenya, or Hawaii, or some such foreign place. They believe that they have saved the country from a murderous woman hell-bent on killing any who stand in her way. They gloat at having vanquished the hated “libtard snowflakes” and their fake news. The Confederacy has finally triumphed over the “librul” North.

Of course, the only coup was that of the very wealthy over ordinary Americans. The only walls that will be built will be those around Trump golf courses. The only jobs that will become available will be those of poorly paid illegal immigrants whose families are rent asunder; jobs that no American is willing to do. The hated Obamacare will be replaced by nothing but a multi-billion-dollar tax cut for the wealthy and corporations. Far from becoming “great again,” American’s slide from world preeminence, begun under Reagan, will be accelerated as the United States becomes irrelevant on the world stage. Already Trump has alienated our allies and made us the laughing stock of the world. His policies have emboldened North Korea and will almost certainly lead to Iran developing nuclear arms.

I don’t know what will happen. I may well not live to see the US recover from this debacle. I live in fear of a real coup by a military increasingly controlled by dominionist, evangelical officers. While I doubt that the US would even resort to gas ovens, I think that the prospect of concentration camps for enemies of the state is very real. But most of all, I worry about the economic collapse that Trump is so clearly driving the country toward. I fear that the American century is over and the powers of evil have overthrown our democracy. I mourn for the country whose uniform I once wore.


1 Response to “Trump’s coup d’etat”

  1. 1 greenboat May 31, 2017 at 19:21

    One of your very best posts.

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