Police state

This morning I was bullied by a New York State Trooper named David A. Kemp on behalf of a biker friend of his who objected to my non-threatening email telling him to stop harassing me on Facebook. (See my earlier post Resist and the emails in question below.)  Not only was the trooper was rude but he lied by saying that what I had done was illegal. At one point, he pushed his way into our house and shouted at me. And without my permission, he went to the back of my house to record our car license plates.

This is what Trump’s police state looks like. In fairness, the state police sergeant to whom I complained was fairly conciliatory but this incident should never have happened. I have sent a message to my state assembly representative advising her of this abuse of police power. I urge anyone else subject to this sort of right wing harassment to so likewise.




2 Responses to “Police state”

  1. 1 August Braun February 12, 2017 at 13:39

    Did the police “bully” poor Leo? I’ve NEVER met a cop that was rude or obnoxious. The only reason one might become so, is if someone he is talking to becomes nasty. Trump in 2020!!!!

    • 2 Leo Cotnoir February 12, 2017 at 14:51

      I don’t normally approve comments from obviously fake posters. But I will make an except this time.

      Before this incident I had rarely encountered a rude cop and never a NY state trooper who was anything but professional. That is why Trooper Kemp’s behavior was so shocking. Besides lying to me, he violated my Fourth Amendment rights by forcing his way onto my property. This is exactly the sort of behavior that Trump encourages. But don’t worry about Trump in 2020. He won’t last out his first term. He is already guilty of impeachable offenses and even conservative Republicans are talking about removing him from office on the grounds of mental instability under the terms of the 25th Amendment.

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