Leadership, Preston style

In her piece in the Press & Sun-Bulletin, Debbie Preston tells us that talk is cheap but leaders get results. That is perhaps the strongest argument to date for why the citizens of Broome County should vote for Jason Garner. Look at the record:

When Penguin-Putnam announced they were leaving Broome County putting hundreds out of work did she go to their headquarters as ask what it would take to keep them here? No, she did not. Indiana offered them $800k and off they went. That is less than one quarter of one percent of the Broome County budget. Does she expect us to believe they could not have been induced to keep those jobs here?

When FedEx said they were closing their facility in Kirkwood did Preston ask them what it would take to keep them here? No she did not. And more jobs were lost.

When Crown Cork was looking for a place to relocate upstate, did she pitch Broome County to them? No she didn’t and those jobs went to Tioga County.

Recently, the Gap’s warehouse near Albany burned down and they said they were having trouble finding a large enough facility in the Hudson Valley. Has Preston talked to them about the facilities and transportation infrastructure in Broome County? No.

When United Airlines announced that they were cancelling service to Washington where two of the area’s largest employers are headquartered and where their largest customer is, did she try to convince them to reconsider? No. And when United said they were ending all service to Broome Regional Airport she did nothing.

Just this week American Airlines dealt another blow to Broome County by ending service to Philadelphia. Did Preston protest? No, she was too busy dealing with a scandal of her own making.

Oh, but she did accept the only bid received to for the County Central Kitchen, costing dozens of jobs. The company she chose, Aramark, has ties to organized crime and a record of bid rigging.

And, of course, she helped herself to a Town credit card. This is leadership? If this is what Preston thinks leadership is, we do not need it.


1 Response to “Leadership, Preston style”

  1. 1 pagesvoice October 13, 2016 at 05:05

    B. Datta and Preston’s other handlers have sold the residents of Broome County down the river. It’s obvious to the most casual observer that she is way over her head. She is a puppet County Executive who is too simple to realize she is being used by her party.

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