Vote! It matters

By far the most important reason to go to the polls and vote for Hillary Clinton is that the next president will appoint three or four Supreme Court justices. Currently the Court is split 4-4 between center-left justices and extreme right ones. Upcoming appointments will affect our lives for decades to come.

Just today we have another reason to be very concerned about the future direction of the Court. The DC District Court of Appeals has ruled that the Consumer Financial Protection Board’s structure is unconstitutional. The case was brought by PHH and a cabal of big banks who are opposed to regulations that benefit common people. If this decision is ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court, the financial sector will return to lying to and stealing from ordinary Americans.

All three judges on the Court of Appeals are extremist conservatives appointed by George W. Bush. The lead judge in the case, Brett Kavanaugh, helped write part the impeachment articles against Bill Clinton and helped block the Florida recount in the 2000 election, effectively giving the presidency to Mr. Bush who promptly rewarded him with a court appointment. A concurring opinion was written by A. Raymond Randolph, another Bush appointee, who is notorious for ruling that Guantanamo detainees have no rights. The third judge who also concurred in part, Karen Henderson, is also a Bush appointee who ruled that Guantanamo detainees did not have a right to religious freedom.

These are the kinds of judges from whom a President Trump would select his Supreme Court nominees. This should certainly convince any sane person to get out and vote for Clinton.  


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