Let Trump be “the Donald”

The Democrats and liberal media need to stop attacking Donald Trump over his many questionable business dealings…until after the Republican convention. Why? Because bringing Trump down before the convention is a dangerous strategy. Suppose he is found to have committed crimes in the operation of Trump University. The Republican National Committee could use that to invalidate his primary victories and throw open the convention. The result would almost certainly be a stronger GOP candidate without the contrived negatives that Clinton faces. And that could endanger a near-certain Democratic victory in November.

Instead Democrats should spend this next month building up Secretary Clinton by aggressively debunking the decades of dishonest right wing attacks on her. Far too many Americans across the political spectrum suspect that she is deceitful and corrupt despite the total lack of evidence to support those attacks.  Her supporters need to emphasize her experience, intelligence, and integrity to counter those untruths. As anyone who have ever met her will attest, in person Ms. Clinton is warm, open, and charming. Her political strength has always been her ability to connect with small groups. Through the primary campaign she has begun to come out of her shell somewhat. It is time for her and her staff to let the voting public see the real Hillary Clinton.

And meanwhile those of us who support Clinton need to lay off the Donald and let the GOP dig its own grave. Taking him down while the Republican Party still has time to regroup is a serious mistake.


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