Fair and balanced is anything but

Now that Hillary Clinton has apparently clinched the Democratic nomination, setting up a general election contest between her and Donald Trump, it is interesting to see how the media refer to them. USA Today, for example, calls her “the controversial former Secretary of State.”  But there is nothing controversial about Secretary Clinton that has not be created out of whole cloth by the right wing media machine. That same paper calls Mr. Trump a “blustering billionaire,” completely ignoring the inflammatory nature of that bluster. Meanwhile, a subhead refers to the legal issues faced by both candidates as though they were equivalent. In fact, while Mr. Trump faces very real charges of impropriety and illegality in connection with Trump University while Ms. Clinton is faced with what is, at worst, a minor technical violation of a law concerning official records. And this is all in a newspaper that prides itself on being non-partisan. In an apparent effort to appear “fair and balanced” many newspapers are, in fact, introducing gross distortion into their reporting. Unless the media begin to tell the truth about the two candidates—that one is a proven public servant and that the other a self-serving con man—this election season will be a complete farce. And credit for that will go to the dark money empire of the Koch brothers whose thirty-year propaganda onslaught against the American press has so thoroughly distorted our national debate.


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