Black lives don’t matter in Broome County

On Mothers’ Day a two-car crash on East Maine Road in Johnson City killed a four-year old girl who was riding in a child safety seat the back of a Toyota Camry driven by a young black man. The driver of the other car, a white man driving a Cadillac Escalade, was issued eleven traffic tickets for, among other things, being in the wrong lane. But for some reason he was not charged with vehicular homicide which would be usual in a case like this. Republican Sheriff-for-life David Harder and Republican District Attorney Stephen Cornwell claim that they there were insufficient grounds to bring such a charge. Well, surprise, surprise. The driver of the Escalade, one Thomas Steyer, is married to the daughter of Broome County real estate mogul Robert Kuzel and appears to be the niece of Republican Broome County legislator Christopher Kuzel. I suppose that is enough to erase the evidence of a crime in Broome County.

This just in: DA Cornwell appears to have reversed himself and is reportedly taking this case to a grand jury. Stay tuned.


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