A gun nut replies….

Here, unedited obviously, are comments posted on the WBNG web site by an irate gun nut. Does anyone need more evidence that we need stronger gun control laws? For the record, I am also a veteran having served in the US Air Force for seven years during the Vietnam War era. I think we were somewhat clearer back then on what the US was all about. This sort of rant from an Iraq war veteran makes me wonder what has become of the ethics of our military.


“Adam Petzack

“wow Leo Cotnoir, u must have your head stuck somewhere far up Obamas ass. how does that smell??? get out of my country. your not welcome here with that attitude. yes i have the right to say such a thing, i served in the army in iraq. if you cant appreciate our constitution and our ways of life set forth by our founding fathers, by all means, please go jump off a bridge you unamerican pile of shit……”


“Adam Petzack

“just for the record, i read your facebook page, we the people are not tyrants you ignorant bastard, the government is supposed to fear us. not the other way around. its called power of the people. im no politician nor do i care to be but i do know that people like you are the reason why the country i served is nolonger the country i was born in. you disgust me. you may have been born here, but your morals, values, and ethics are so unamerican its sickening. thanks for the participation in destroying my homeland you unpatriotic asshole. go fuck yourself……….”


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