Pot meet kettle, Facebook edition

8/5, 8:38pm

 Bob Kingsley

 Mr. Cotnoir:

Appreciate your comments on my article. After scanning your Facebook wall, it seems you’re no stranger to enjoying a bit of name calling, especially when it is a topic or individual of your objections. If all you could find was that single comment about calling King Andrew exactly what he pretends to be, given his want to flaunt the law, protocol and rules of the legislative process, then I guess I did a pretty good job quieting the liberal left you clearly represent. I only pray that next on Preet’s list is King Andy himself. Stay tuned and thanks again for reading.


8/6, 12:52pm

 Leo Cotnoir

Although I am a Democrat I am not a particular fan of Governor Cuomo. I voted for him because he was by far the better choice in the last election. Personally, I think that the DoJ should roll a few buses into Albany and haul the whole crowd to jail. But referring to the governor as "King Andy" does nothing to advance the dialog. And thanks for replying to my comment.


9/30, 4:57pm

 Bob Kingsley

Try putting some original thought out there instead of sniping.


9/30, 5:01pm

 Leo Cotnoir

If you don’t like what I write, don’t read it.


Today, 11:21am

 Bob Kingsley

Like I said, try original thought instead of sniping. All you do is criticize. Any A-hole can do that Leo, lets hear some ORIGINAL THOUGHT if you’re so freakin enlightened.


10/1, 11:23am

 Leo Cotnoir

Read my blog: moosemorsels.wordpress.com


10/1, 12:33pm

 Bob Kingsley

You use PressConnects to snipe, use it to express your ORIGINAL THOUGHTS. I’ll bet you can’t get it published because it lacks quality…..


10/1, 12:42pm

 Leo Cotnoir

I use Press Connects to correct right wing lies. That does not take an extended essay.


Today, 1:27pm

 Bob Kingsley

but I’m guessing your ORIGINAL WORK is unpublishable which means its only life is in your blog, right?


10/1, 3:16pm

 Leo Cotnoir

I’m guessing that you are an asshole sticking his nose into my business. In fact I have had letters published in the Press & Sun-Bulletin several times, in The New Yorker (twice), in The Washington Post, and in Aviation Week and Space technology (twice). I have also published in the Journal of the Optical Society of America, Laser Focus World, Applied Optics, Physics Review Letters, and several more. I anxiously await your bibliography.


10/1, 5:13pm

 Bob Kingsley

you lost me at asshole asshole, go fuck yourself I was civil until you brought it down so fuck off


 <blocks me, no loss>


1 Response to “Pot meet kettle, Facebook edition”

  1. 1 Maxine Bruce October 2, 2015 at 13:57

    Bob Kingsley, old white guy that i have repeatedly blamed for 90% of this countrys woes.

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