The Horse is Dead Already….

When he ran for County Executive, I put up a lawn sign supporting Tarik Abdelazim. I have since come to regret doing so despite the incompetence of his opponent. His campaign against Binghamton Mayor Rich David’s attempt to convert an urban wasteland into a useful attractive, space is simply gratuitous politics. But that is of a piece with the unnecessary, divisive stunts he, I understand, talked former Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan into—the infamous war clock among them. It is not that we need not be aware of the cost of war but that it is not a city issue and certainly not worth the ill-will it generated. It is time for us Democrats to develop potential candidates who are willing to compromise and refrain from picking stupid fights. Mr. Abdelazim needs to be put on the shelf.

You can read Mr. Abdelazim’s latest temper tantrum at:


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