Donald il Duce

To understand the success of Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican Party presidential nomination, one need only look to 1920s Italy. The country was deeply in debt because of its involvement in WW I. Industrial and agricultural workers were upset about the declining buying power of their wages. Powerful corporations controlled the economy. People were frightened and angry. From that tinderbox rose the flames of fascism.

The National Fascist Party under Benito Mussolini ran on a platform of restoring Italy’s historic greatness, of ending labor unions, of banning the use of any language besides Italian, of banning contraception, of removing women from the work force, of deporting Jews, of granting corporations unlimited control of the economy, and of fighting communism and socialism. If you have been listening to Donald Trump, this will sound very familiar. In fact, there is virtually no difference between Mussolini’s politics and Trump’s.    

Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again” echoes Mussolini’s called for Italy to restore the mantel of the Roman Empire.  Like Mussolini, Trump opposes labor unions. He has called for English to be made the national language of the US. He opposes reproductive rights of women. He has stated that women should not compete with men in the workplace. He has famously called for deporting 11 million immigrants who he has branded rapists. He is a corporatist of the first order. And, of course, he is virulently anti-socialist.

Now some will say that 2015 America is not 1925 Italy and that is certainly true. But to ignore rise of fascism in the US is to court disaster. Yes, it CAN happen here. It is happening here. The elements that led to the rise of fascism in Italy are present in the US today. Our country is deeply in debt because of endless, unnecessary wars and a bloated military industrial complex.  The real income of ordinary Americans has been declining steadily for the past generation. A small number of very wealthy individuals control our supposedly democratic institutions. Powerful corporations export our jobs, pay little or no taxes, and control our elections. People are frightened and angry. The US today is a political tinderbox. And Donald Trump is our Duce.


1 Response to “Donald il Duce”

  1. 1 Travis Morris September 21, 2015 at 20:11

    And like Mussolini’s fasist party. Donald Trump has his black shirts, let us not forget about the two trump supporters how assaulted a Hispanic guy. And they didn’t even think it was a

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