Lexington and Ferguson

Will Saint Louis be to the second American Revolution what Boston was to the first? Will the police shootings in Ferguson and across the country be the Boston Massacre of our time? The country today is a powder keg of division with tens of millions of unemployed youth having nothing to lose by challenging the status quo. Last year’s Occupy Wall Street movement lacked focus, leadership, and commitment. Those in the streets of Ferguson are not nearly as passive as the upper middle class slackers of last summer. Where will these protests lead. Consider:

During the 30 years since the Reaganistas came to power, the wealthy have systematically looted our country. They have "borrowed" $5T paid into Social Security by working Americans; they have taken, in the form of huge tax cuts, some $20T that should have been spent to maintain our national infrastructure; using leveraged buyouts and other legerdemain they have cashed out the equity in American industry; they have sold nearly our entire consumer goods manufacturing sector to China and others; through the housing bubble they have even stolen much of the equity in the homes of ordinary Americans; they have enslaved millions of working Americans through usurious credit card interest rates on which they earn  immense profits; and, they have impoverished our college graduates for the interest they earn on student loans. The US middle class went from the strongest in the world to our current ranking of 37th. Our standard of living is now the lowest among our peer nations. And racial discrimination is nearly as bad as before the Civil Rights Act. To protect themselves from the wrath of the people the wealthy, through the government they have corrupted, have created a police state as pervasive as any on the planet. We can not go on like this much longer. The only way to avoid a second American revolution of some sort is for a strong leader to emerge who will lead us out of the wilderness of Reaganism. Unfortunately, such leaders rarely show themselves until people are in the streets.

Daren Wilson may well have fired the second “shot heard round the world.” And Gil Scott Heron was wrong. The revolution will be televised.


1 Response to “Lexington and Ferguson”

  1. 1 Leo Cotnoir October 15, 2014 at 12:26

    There is absolutely no evidence that the CIA unleashed cocaine into the black community or anywhere else. Perhaps you are referring to the fact that under Reagan the CIA looked the other way while Nicaraguan Contras smuggled cocaine into the US. Nor is there any evidence of CIA involvement in the assassination of any black leaders.

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