Not ready for prime time, restaurant edition

Café 24 West is a small lunch spot on a residential street on the west side of Binghamton. The first time I tried it, a year or so ago, I was struck by the fact that while the food was ok, the prices were rather high for the area. My wife and I thought to try it again this spring when an early warm day promised to make the sidewalk seating pleasant. However, the awful music pouring too loudly from tinny speakers convinced us to go elsewhere. Not to be dissuaded, I stopped in again few weeks ago. Because parking is tight in that part of town I had to park a block or so away. I was quite surprised when the owner of the establishment walked out and got into the Mercedes that was occupying one of the only two spaces dedicated to the restaurant. Did I mention that service was really slow? Well, today my wife and I decided to try it again. This time there was a red Porsche parking in one of those two 15-minute parking spaces. When I commented on it, the owner said that it was his. I asked him why he did not save that space for his customers. His response to was to throw me out and threaten to call the police. while ranting on about how his father and grandfather had been Binghamton policemen (like I care). I was stunned! Not only does this moron not respect his customers enough to save the choice parking places for them, but he parks for hours in a 15-minute spot evidently because he believes he is above the law. And he loudly berates a customer in front of a nearly full restaurant. “Not ready for prime time” does not even begin to describe this cretin. Scruffy—as in needing a shower and a shave—also comes to mind. I do not understand how someone who is so clearly contemptuous of his customers stays in business. I, for one, certainly hope that he does not.


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