The Bergdahl follies, upstate NY edition

Our local Republican Congressman, Richard Hanna, opined that rescuing Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl from captivity was a “mistake.” He further insists that President Obama should have consulted Congress before releasing prisoners from Guantanamo Bay. First of all, I cannot believe that a member of Congress, even one of the Party of No Conscience, would suggest that we should abandon a US soldier held by an enemy. Whether Bergdahl deserted or not is a matter to be decided by a court martial: not in the media, not by some idiot congressman, and not by the Taliban. As Commander-in-Chief, the president is responsible for the welfare of members of the military. For him not to have sought this man’s release when he had the means to do so would have been dereliction of duty. Secondly, does Hanna really believe that if the president had informed Congress of his intent to free Bergdahl through an exchange of prisoners some crackpot Republican would not have queered the deal for perceived political advantage? Again, as Commander-in-Chief, the president has jurisdiction over the prison at Guantanamo Bay and the prisoner held there. No good would have come from his allowing Congress to micromanage his exercise of his authority. The behavior of the right wing, including Mr. Hanna who is usually somewhat saner than his Republican colleagues, is nothing short of revolting. He has embarrassed himself and those he represents. As a veteran I am offended by his comment.


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