Harnessing the anger

The rise of the Tea Party is actually good news for liberals–with some caveats. People are flocking to that party because they are fed up with Reaganesque trickle-down economics and the wholesale looting of the US economy by the very wealthy. They do so thinking that ultraconservatism is the way to correct the wrongs of the past generation. The challenge to liberals is to convince these people to redirect their anger and frustration against those who are really to blame for their pain–the very people behind the Tea Party. If the Democratic Party is unable to do that we could very well find ourselves in a situation not unlike that in 1930s Germany where right wing corporations and a far right political party convinced the people that their pain came from “them.” The current anger abroad in the land is an opportunity for progressive forces but if we fail to convince the masses of the truth about who is at fault for their circumstances, we could be in for a rough patch indeed.


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