Corruption pays

What do Republicans do when one of their rising stars becomes an embarrassment? Why, promote him, of course. Bijoy Datta learned his craft at the knee of Broome County state senator Thomas Libous who became a millionaire on his $79,000 a year salary. He went on to run the campaign of current Broome county executive, Debbie Preston, and to become chair of the Broome County Republican party. Ms. Preston rewarded him by making him Deputy County Executive.  While holding that office, Mr. Datta continued to work as a political “consultant,” handsomely, and probably illegally, paid by the campaigns of his boss and other Republican worthies. The true nature of his job with the county was made clear when he, again probably illegally, demanded that county employees donate their time to fund-raise for the County Executive at risk of losing their jobs. One would think that this would be enough to have him summarily drummed out of the GOP. But, no. Today he announced that he is leaving his Broome County position to become Deputy Campaign Manager for Republican gubernatorial candidate, Rob Astorino. New York is, it must be admitted, famous for its political corruption. Mr. Datta’s rise shows that a new generation of corrupt politicians is being groomedand that corruption pays.


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