The stench on Hawley Street

Did “Li’l Debbie” Preston move the County landfill to Hawley Street? No, that is the stench of corruption wafting from the Broome County executive suite. And once again the smelliest player there is Bijoy Datta. Not content with his $83,577salary—twice the median household income in the county—Mr. Datta has been running a “consulting” business; in this case “consulting” pretty much means “selling political influence.” And to whom is he selling these wares? Surprise, surprise: to Li’l Debbie’s campaign and that of Sheriff David Harder, himself not paragon of virtue when it comes to campaign contributions. Not satisfied to corrupt Broome County, Mr. Datta also sold his “services” to the campaign of Kirk Martin for Tioga County district attorney. After two years of carrying on this business in violation of Broome County laws, Mr. Datta has finally written his boss a memo formally requesting permission to continue to moonlight. Ms. Preston should do the right thing and demand that Mr. Datta do the job we taxpayers are paying him to do. And she should put him on notice that his next ethical lapse will be his last on the County payroll.


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