Past its prime time: newspaper edition

Once upon a time newspapers employed men—and they were all men back then—called “editors” whose job it was to ensure that articles published therein were intelligible, cogent, and written in good English consistent with the paper’s style manual. But as print media has faced declining readership and ad revenues those jobs have been largely eliminated. And so we find in the April 30 edition of the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin this howler written by one Jon Harris in a piece about prices at a local gas station and convenience store chain: “But since there are more buyers than sellers, Ruben said, gas prices have went up significantly over the last few years.” Had Mr. Harris been quoting Mr. Ruben, the grating usage error would have been the fault of said Mr. Ruben. But in the paper this was not a quote but a paraphrase so the onus is on Mr. Harris, or on his editor if he had one. A decade ago when I moved to Binghamton, I was impressed that such a small city would have a decent newspaper generally well written and competently edited. No one moving here today will be similarly pleased when faced with an organ that a high school would be embarrassed to publish.


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