Not ready for prime time, part deux

In yesterday’s edition of the Press & Sun-Bulletin we learned that Bijoy Datta, chief henchman of our esteemed County Executive and Avon Lady, Li’l Debbie Preston, thought it appropriate to use his office to bully County employees into campaigning for his boss. Granted, those employees held appointed, i.e. patronage, positions. As such, they owed their jobs to the largess of Ms. Preston and stood to benefit from her being reelected so they ought probably to have volunteered to work on her campaign. But Mr. Datta’s intimating that doing so was a condition of employment was beyond the pale. Of course, we should not be surprised that Mr. Datta would do such a thing. After all, he is the local poster child for inappropriate behavior by a public official. He ran Ms. Preston’s campaign while on the County payroll and currently is Chair of the Broome Country Republican Party—while on the County payroll. It is time for the County Attorney, or perhaps the State Attorney General, to look into the stench wafting from the upper stories of the County office building.


2 Responses to “Not ready for prime time, part deux”

  1. 1 Leo Cotnoir April 14, 2014 at 11:32

    The thing is he is probably the one running the County. Li’l Debbie isn’t bright enough to have run the Town of Conklin (population 5440) competently. She is just a front for the gas companies.

  2. 2 Leo Cotnoir April 14, 2014 at 12:31

    Interesting point. I am inclined to agree about Bernardo really running things.

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